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Curtain Pelmet


This is a stiff paneled heading to curtains. It is a solid structure that is mounted above the windows. It can be decorated in numerous ways – from shaping the lower part of the pelmet to adding trimmings and tassels.

They are generally seen upholstered but can also be covered in the wall covering or painted. Or for a more rustic look made of recycled timber.

They are useful for keeping light from escaping out the top of the curtain if total darkness is required. They help with insulation at the window.

They also mean that you can have a simple heading tape as it cannot be seen, which reduces the cost of making the curtains.

An upholstered pelmet shown here with matching fabric to the curtains.

They provide a neat and tidy finish, and are a good way to even up a room if you have different height windows, (this often occurs in older houses that have had numerous alterations over time).

You simply line the top of the pelmet up, make sure you have a enough depth that the top window frame cannot be seen, and then you succeed in making the windows all look the same height. Pelmets are a very useful interior decorating tool.

Pelmet for curtains.

This pelmet has been cleverly designed to encorporate the decorative cornice that runs around the top of the wall. It allows for a continuous color and form and the pelmet protruding is hardly noticed and the curtains sit subtly behind it. A very good use of a pelmet in this room.

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