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Articles on Curtains for Home Decorating

The Ins and Outs of Curtains – There are only a few simple rules to follow here; the length of the hung curtain should be? read about the simple curtain rules

Commonly asked Questions on Curtains


Curtain Terms

Learn the parts of a curtain so you can speak curtain terminology. Parts of a curtain.

Looking From the Outside In – this is a good reminder to me that the outside look of curtains, blinds and drapes need to be considered when selecting them for a house. Read more about window dressing

Lining, Insulation and Privacy – Lining is often taken for granted. There are many types and they perform many different functions. find out more about lining, insulation and privacy

Lining, Insulation and Privacy - privacy is not a major issue with this home as it is on a rear section a long way from the street front.

Budget Requirements – It is important in any decision making process to be aware of your budget. read more on budget requirements

Grommet Top or Eyelet Curtains as Decorative Feature with an Asian Look – An article on a contemporary dining area with a subtle Asian concept. Read more about Grommet or Eyelet Top Curtains

Bay Window Curtain Pole Decoration using a Valance – Bay Windows are often Difficult to Decorate. Bay windows are a beautiful feature of homes. Unfortunately everyone wants to cover them up with curtains. So find out how to do it properly here. Read more about Bay Window Curtain Pole Decoration using a Valance

Decorative curtains.

Decorative curtains

Decorative Curtain Rod – the interior designers secret tool

Bay Window Curtain Poles and Valance

Relaxed Tie Top Curtain

Types of Curtains for Double Hung, Out Swing Casement, Ranch or Strip, Awning and Jalousie Windows

Curtain Ideas for Bow, Double, Uneven, Corner and French Windows

Curtain Ideas for Sliding Glass, Dormer and Bay Windows

Modern Sheers, and Voiles

Exterior Window Look

Casual Scarf Drapery

Modern Tab Top

Grommet Top Curtains

Shutters and Screens

Made to Measure Curtains

Contemporary Curtains

Curtain ideas for Clerestory, Palladian, Glass Wall and Skylight Windows

Fire Hazards / Flame Retardancy – This is an important factor in fabric selection. Selecting a flame retardant fabric for all escape routes in the house. find out more on fire hazards and flame retardancy

The information you need is not always on the back of the fabric swatch.

Color Fastness – Lets face it a completely colorfast fabric does not exist, some will change uniformly, so their color just pales and is only noticeable to you. for more information on color fastness


Silk is a beautiful fabric, but a natural filament fibre and will not keep its color and will break down quickly in the sunlight.


The Choice of Fabrics – It is most important that the fabric will drape or hang well. to find out about how to choose fabrics

Surrounding Influences – This is often overlooked when selecting curtains – why? read more about curtain selection

Color, Texture and Pattern – This is where we have assessed the surrounding influences and narrowed down (hopefully) our choices. read more about color, texture and pattern with curtain decoration

Pattern, people are often afraid to use it.


Visual Choices – Color – of course we must think of our surrounding influences but also where the windows are, do they have a lot of sunlight, will the fabric fade? read more about selecting colors for curtains


Color, often one of the most difficult choices when selecting fabric for curtains.


Sheers and Voiles as Curtains – Get an idea of how a modern application of sheers and voiles can be used as window dressing. read more on Sheers and Voiles

Decorative valance, inverted pleat with a balloon hem.

Decorative valance, inverted pleat with a balloon hem.

Pattern on fabric can be as bold as 1960's designs or as simple as this chinese text in silk.


Pattern and Texture – This term usually creates the image in your mind of large bold 1960’s patterns. read more about pattern and texture for fabric selection


Fullness, Length and Heading Tape – the length of curtains, ceiling to floor or sill and puddled curtains. We will now go over the headings and the fullness. read more about curtain fullness, heading tape and curtain length.

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