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Color Texture Pattern

Visual Choices in Curtain Selection – Colour Texture and Pattern Introduction

Color, Texture and Pattern

This is where we have assessed the surrounding influences and narrowed down (hopefully) our choices.

For example – We have a brand new contemporary home. It has symmetrical and minimalist open plan living, with one tone textured sisal look wool carpet throughout. We are looking to select a fabric for the living area. This space can be viewed from most other areas except the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The carpet is taupe, the walls and ceilings are white plaster, the furniture is a brown leather sofa, with mahogany contemporary tables and chairs, and the lamps are white ceramic with taupe linen shades. What fabric do we select and what style of curtain?

I immediately think of texture, one color, no pattern, even though we could get away with using a pattern – it would turn the curtains into the main focal point and that is not required; we are looking for a harmonious curtain to blend into the rest of the décor.

Could be a monochromatic

This example here is similar to what I am discussing except they have use the grommet top curtains in the corner as a focal point, if they were removed we could create another focal point with the addition of a floor rug under the table or a centerpiece on the table.

My choice would be to use black wrought iron rods with simple ball ends. Two-tone tab top curtains in taupe for the tabs and heading and the remaining fabric heavy white linen. I wouldn’t use holdbacks or tie backs, as the look in the home is geometric. We have continued this geometric look with the tab tops (added contrasting color to match the carpet – this creates a balancing proportion top and bottom, and the look is simple. It does not detract from the overall scheme; the white continues the wall color but has a wonderful natural texture, which is in keeping with the wool carpet, leather upholstery and fine plastered walls.

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