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Decorative Curtain Rod

Decorative Curtain Rod – An interior designer’s secret tool!

The decorative curtain rod is now readily available from most home decorating stores and has become a fabulous way to add decoration to an interior design.

The decorative curtain rod is the interior designer’s secret tool. They can change the entire look of a space with using one design element.

Previously we had few choices for hanging curtains but now decorative curtain rods are available in timber and metal and the curtain rings are not the only way to hang the curtain from the rod.

Some curtain rods now have a simple track system in the rod allowing the curtain to run smoother than the ring system on the decorative rod.

The best design feature of the decorative curtain rod is the finials that are used on the end of the rod or pole to enhance the decorative theme of the interior. Popular finial styles are scrolls, round balls, pomegranates, fleur de lys, arrowheads, vines and leaves to name a few. So when selecting a decorative curtain rod, don’t forget to allow some time for choosing your finial.

Tab Top Curtain Panel with a scroll finial

This photograph shows a simple steel decorative curtain rod with a scroll finial, it is fixed to the wall with a wall hook system. The curtains are a popular ready made tab top decorative curtain panel creating a colorful contemporary look.

simple decorative curtain rod and finial
This photograph shows an empty room but you can see the decorative curtain rod and ring system and ball finial.

>Casual swag over decorative curtain rod

You an see in this photograph how a combination of a decorative curtain rod and large piece of fabric draped to form informal swags and tails can be used to soften the line of the windows and create a more casual look to the sunroom. This decorative wrought iron rod with simple scroll finials is elegant yet not dominating the interior, more understated and functional.

To conclude, the decorative curtain has now become a stable feature in interiors, it is a wonderful element for adding to a themed space or creating more design flair to a simple space, it is functional and decorative so try and get as familiar as possible with all the different types available.

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