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Exterior Look

Looking from the Outside In

Viewing Curtains from the Outside

I love this photograph – the broken rhythmic feel created by the dropped blind on the rustic building.

It is a good reminder to me that the outside look of curtains, blinds and drapes need to be considered when selecting them for a house.

I have mentioned in an article about choosing the same color sheers, nets and voiles for the home you need to consider how they look from the outside as well as the interior.

Looking from the outside in.

Looking from the outside in!

Looking from room to room we know that we need to keep a harmonious flow throughout. the same needs to be viewed from the outside.

Going back to the photograph, imagine if each window had a different application. A balloon blind at the first, micro blind at the second and patterned sheers on the third! Yes – Yuck, it would look dreadful from outside and probably not ideal from the inside either.

So as with all interior decoration and design decisions, you need to consider more than the immediate factors of the room. Think about the rooms that connect and can be viewed from that room, the outside view in and then the obvious, your interior elements, furniture, walls, lighting, floor coverings. Oh, so much to pull in together – if you need help with putting together a color scheme we have a step by step process to follow that may help you.

So to conclude, I think this is a memorable photograph of window treatments to remind you of this important design factor for window dressing.

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