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Made to Measure Curtains

Made to Measure Curtains – The best option for quality curtain design.

Being a commercial interior designer, I work only with made to measure curtains.

I deal with windows that are not standad or regular sizes, which means that you can’t simply visit your department home decor store and chose some curtains off the shelf.

They will definately not fit.

Size is not the only factor for chosing to use made to measure curtains, design, color, pattern, texture, style and linings are all factors in selecting curtains and the store bought, ready made curtains don’t have many different options.

made to measure hotel bedroom curtain

Made to measure hotel bedroom curtain

Choosing to design the curtains for a project yourself gives you beter control over the design integrity of the project. Take this hotel bedroom example – wall to wall curtains to create a backdrop for the bed and cover a window, which would otherwise make the furniture placement difficult, but by covering the wall completely in drapery the wall has taken on a new function, and the room has an added dimension of comfort, softness and texture. Do you think that you could achieve this look without using custom designed made to measure curtains? No.

ballroom - made to measure curtains

Ballroom successful design using made to measure curtains

Here is another example of when to use made to measure curtains, the scale of this room is not standard and the detail of the linings, trim, swags and tails all need to be carefully detailed and measured by a professional and made to suit the window size. Look at the effect that can be achieved.

Unusual shaped windows are another reason to use made to measure curtains.

A flexible curtain track has ben used here to follow the curve of the window, it is also very much higher than a standard window.

The wallpaper (difficult to see in the photograph) is part of a coordinating design of fabrics and wallpapers.

This is another reason to use made to measure curtains, you can have a great deal more design scope with fabric selection.

Unusual Shaped Windows

Unusual Shaped Windows

A combination of ready made and custom made curtains.

A combination of ready made and custom made curtains

Sometimes we can use both ready made and made to measure curtains, as seen here, a standard panel curtain with made to measure flag decorative curtains over and matching cushions.

To summarise, if you want to have design input into your curtain selection then going with the made to measure curtain option is by far the best option. It is not the cheapest option, but it provides you with total control of the end product that decorates you windows, you won’t end up with curtains that “almost” fit! You will end up with all the detail that you specify, you won’t just get what you’re given.

About the Author – Lee Brown

Lee Brown is the co founder of, she has worked in the Interior Design Industry for over 23 years, specializing in commercial, hospitality, high end architectural homes and retail design. Over the past 13 years Lee and Chris Brown have been collating their wealth of design knowledge to provide free interior decorating education to the world. Make sure you register for your free ecourse today. Free Curtain Design eCourse