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Shutters and Screens

Types of Shutters and Screens for Windows


A wooden or steel cover inside or outside a window, that fastens over it at night to protect the occupants, and during the day to shut out light. It sometimes has louvers for ventilation and filtering light. A rustic appearance generally. They are expensive but they last a considerable length of time.

Plantation Shutters

These have wider louvers providing better insulation and a clearer view through them, as well as generous ventilation.



Solid Panel Shutters

These shutters can be virtually any style you like. They can be flat solid timber, be veneer, have inlay or cutouts with inserts, have moldings fixed to them, carvings or imitate designs of decorative period styles. They provide total privacy, interesting decoration and when closed they provide a good form of insulation.

Shoji sliding screen used to separate the living room from the kitchen.
Shoji sliding screen used to separate the living room from the kitchen.


Similar to shutters. They are made of timber and have angled slats. They can be vertical or horizontal (generally seen horizontal) and can be painted or stained. They are useful as screens and are often used for a full length of a room. They provide privacy, ventilation and insulation.


There are numerous types of screens, probably the most well known is the Shoji. A Japanese screen with a dividing timber grid frame with paper (for traditional screens), fiberglass or plastic inserts (in modern screens with heavy use). They are frequently used as sliding doors or room dividers or can be hinged like shutters. They provide privacy and allow soft translucent light into the room. Other screens are made of timber or steel frames and have fabric, cane lattice, decorative steelwork, glass with translucent adhesive film inserts and there are many more variations. Some can be purchased where you insert your own photographs into them and they double up as picture frames. There is no end to the possibilities with a screen.

Folding screen in front of windows, providing privacy.
Folding screen in front of windows, providing privacy.

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