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Surrounding Influences

Visual Choices in Curtain Selection – Surrounding Influences

What’s around us can influence or Curtain Selection

This is often overlooked when selecting curtains – why? Because we see other people’s houses and think that their choices look good (our room could be quite a different style) and we copy them.

We try and imitate Design Fashion Magazines, but we only use the one element and they look out of place, we can often be afraid of selecting fabric and curtains that we like in case people judge us for it, this is just low self-confidence, which can be overcome by reading our ebooks.

Or we just see a fabric that we love and want – then have to change the entire décor of the room so that we can use it.

It is important to look at the space that we have to work with, access the age of the house, the style of the decoration in the surrounding rooms, does this room flow into others, will the curtains be seen from other spaces?

An important aspect to remember is how the window treatments will look from the outside. This photograph shows how rhythm and pattern can be achieved by using the same curtains and blinds along the side of the house even though they may be different rooms. Just another thing to think about.

Who will be using the space (the practical side – white is not a good color selection for small children with paints and pens). What type of furniture and upholstery, bedding, flooring etc. These factors all make up our surrounding influences. It is easy to see why we often lack the confidence to make a decision.

We haven’t even thought about how we want the room to feel – relaxed, cosy, bright and cheery, comfortable, austere, pompous or fun!

What look do we want to achieve?

What look do we want to achieve?

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