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Swags Over Rods

Subtle Scarf Drapery over Rods in a Stylish Sunroom

This sunroom is light and breezy. The view is framed well by the double hung sash windows.

The furniture placement is formal and symmetrical. The rattan chairs are typical in a sunroom and the side table creates the central focal point.

The window treatment used softens the vertical lines of the windows.

A simple black rod is used with a decorative finial. A soft translucent sheer is draped in a swag and tail format over the rod which creates a formal softness to the room and adds an air of romanticism.

Casual swag over rod.

This window treatment works well in this room, it is subtle and doesn’t over whelm the room like traditional swags and tails can, this is due to is informal use over a rod and the choice of a light weight translucent fabric.

If a curtain track had been used with pencil pleated curtains for example they would have enclosed the room, blocked out the beautiful view and been too formal for the use of the room.

This room is used mostly in daylight hours so the choice of curtains is solely for decoration and this solution is well suited.

Other options could have been blinds on the windows, these work well for sunrooms as they can be used to direct sunlight when it is too intense, but they do take up space on the window. Nets or voiles could have been used in this situation, however they do permanently diffuse the view whilst reducing the glare form the sunlight.

To conclude this sunroom is a well balanced space with well considered window treatments.

About the Author – Lee Brown

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