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Tab Top Curtain

Asian Influenced Tab Top Curtain on a Rod with a Finial

Tab top curtains are a modern casual style of window treatment.

This example of a curtain shows just how simple this form of window treatment is.

A standard rod and a spiral finial provide the form for hanging the curtain. The curtain is made like a large sheet but with a hem at the base and the head and has about an inch wide tabs fixed toto the head.

Contemporary tab top curtain.

The rod is threaded through the tab and this is how the curtain hangs. The fabric used here is contemporary with an Asian influence of mirrors and beading to form the decoration. The color is bold and intense and the wallpaper in the background has a washed or aged look with gold motifs.

This type of curtain I class as casual as it hangs randomly depending on how it is drawn, also because they generally don’t have much fullness and are seldom lined.

They don’t have a very long life if they are drawn frequently as the fabric rubs directly on the rod and causes wear on the tab.

They are a very good choice for a decorative curtain that frames a window of if used in a translucent or sheer fabric.

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