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Types of Windows

Types of Windows and their Possible Window Treatment Options for Curtains or Blinds

Bow Window

Definition: a curved window sometimes called a circular bay.

Possible Treatments: Same as for Bay Window. For modern bow windows,
vertical louvers on a curved track are another option.
Eleborate window treatments for this bow window, soft swags and side curtains.

Bow Window

Double Windows or Pairs of Windows

Definition: Side by side windows of even size.

Possible Treatments: Treat as a single unit, the window treatments should be symmetrical.

Nets & Sheers. Fit these inside the frames.

Curtains. Take one track (or fitting) across both windows. Floor length curtains drawn symmetrically to either side are the best option.

Blinds. Use the same blind on both windows. Any type of blind can be used.

Uneven Pairs of Windows

Definition: Side by side windows of different proportions.

Possible Treatments: Treat as one unit as above (Double Windows).

Corner Windows

Definition: Any windows that meet together at the corner of a room with little or no space between them (sometimes glazing is butted together at corners with silicon to create a see through corner window with no frame visible).

Possible Treatments: Net, sheers and curtains can be mounted above the window for floor or sill length curtains to be drawn to the outside edges of the windows.

Blinds. Careful selection is required here so that the edges of the blinds don’t catch whilst being raised and lowered. Vertical louvers are an easy option. Most blinds can be used, it depends greatly on how much space and depth they require at the corners.

French Windows

Definition: Also called French Doors, they are long double sash casement windows with the sashes hinged at the sides and opening in the middle. The window extends down to the floor and serves as a door and often opens out onto a porch or patio.

Possible Treatments: Fix curtain directly to the door with proprietary door track or expanding wire.

Curtains. A track can run the entire width above the frame, curtains drawn back to each side leaving door free to open.

Blinds. Sets of blinds can be used mounted above the doors and windows.

Shutters. These can look stunning if there is enough space for them to be drawn back at the sides of the frame.

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