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Windows and Curtains

Types of Windows and Solutions for Decorating them using Curtains and Blinds

What is a window?

Window Definition:
A window is an opening in an outside wall, other than a door, which provides for natural light and ventilation. Such an opening is covered by transparent material inserted in a frame conveniently located for admitting sunlight and constructed so that it can be opened to admit air.

To follow are the basic types of windows and some possible window treatment soultions for them:

Double Hung / Sash Window

Definition: A window with an upper and lower sash, each is carried by sash cords and weights and they slide up and down. The sashes are sometimes divided into panes.

Possible Treatments: As per outward opening Casement windows.

Double Hung Window

Double Hung Window

Out Swinging Casement

Definition: An outward opening window. It can be operated by a crank or manually opened. They are generally composed in groups of one, two, three or four.

Possible Treatments: Nets & Sheers. These should be mounted on the inside of the frame using expanding wire or an invisible track.

Curtains. Sill and floor length curtains can be used. They should be mounted on the outside of the window.

Blinds. Any blinds can be used, usually mounted inside the window frame. If windows have small proportions, use a simple form of blind.

Outswinging Inswinging Casement Window
Outswinging / Inswinging Casement Window

In Swinging Casement Window

Definition: Same as Out Swinging Casement except it opens inwards.

Possible Treatments: As they open into the room they can get tangled in the window dressings. Shutters to the outside wall are a good solution.

Ranch or Strip Windows

Definition: A wide window usually placed high off the floor and often has sliding sashes.

Possible Treatments: As it is generally difficult to get to, use any type of blind with long cords or winders to operate them. Curtains can be used but are purely for decoration unless on an automatic closer system.

Awning Window

Definition: They have wide horizontal sashes that open outward to any angle.

Possible Treatments: as per outward opening casement windows.

Jalousie Window

Definition: Fixed or movable horizontal strips of glass, sloped upwards, used for ventilation.

Possible Treatments: They do require window treatments as they hinder their main purpose of ventilation. But a sheer or a net could be used to soften the look if necessary.

Jalousie Window

Jalousie Window

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