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Using Blinds or Shades for Home Decorating Window Treatments

Blinds or shades can be used on their own as a window treatment or combined with curtains. There are hundreds of choices in blinds and shades, so I have picked a few examples to show you here giving you some ideas for dressing your windows.

Blinds or shades are so versatile that they can work in every room of the house, there are few limitations, it all comes down to the look or style you are trying to create in your home.

Roller Shades under Translucent Curtains

Roller Shades under Translucent Curtains

This traditional living room uses a scalloped hem roller shade as the main blind for creating privacy at night as the translucent curtains are mostly decorative. They do however add a softness to the living room.

The white curtains are a stark contrast to the rust red of the wall color, and create a frame of the view.

London blinds

Traditional Swags and Tails frame the three windows treating the window treatments as a single window. Then each window is dressed individually with translucent London blinds. The striped chairs are the secondary focal point in the room, the first being the red flower in the pot on the table. The blinds soften the light entering the room and can be raised and lowered depending on what is need in the room.


Roman Blind or Shade

This bedroom has multiple window treatments which is uncommon, but the bedroom is very large and has multiple themes and styles so it does work in this situation.

Slimline Blinds the Working Window Treatment

Slimline Blinds the Working Window Treatment

Slimline Blinds are the working window treatment in this living room. The curtains which are a novel knotted design in a rich silk are purely decorative. The slimline blinds create the privacy, control the light coming in and out and are non offensive to the human eye.

Pinoleum Roller Blinds

Pinoleum Roller Blinds

These pinoleum blinds create an informal look to this living room. The furniture is formal yet sculptural, and the blinds add a rustic feel which is in contrast to the rest of the interior. The roll up and down and can be stopped at any height to reduce sunlight entering the room or create privacy.

soft roman blind or shade

Translucent Roman Blind

A translucent roman blind is lowered on the right hand side, it is made of a soft and delicate fabric and hangs casually in the living room.

A blind is used here rather than a curtain to even out the height of the windows and not interfere with the furniture placement.

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