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Kitchen Traditional Curtain Ideas

Find Traditional Kitchen Curtain Design Photograph Examples

Kitchen’s can be a difficult room to choose curtains for! More often than not, blinds are the easiest option, but for decorative effect and definitely in traditional kitchens, curtains or drapes are required to provide the finishing touch to the room. The main thing to remember is to keep all curtains and drapery away from any cooking areas, as we don’t want them to be anywhere near heat in case of a cooking accident, flames can spread very fast especially with the help of a synthetic fabric curtain.

So take a look and get some ideas on using curtains in a traditional kitchen environment.

Kitchen Curtains – Design Examples

Traditional kitchen curtains

In this example, the kitchen curtains are kept a similar color to the walls and joinery, therefore creating a harmonious look. Sheers or nets are used to create privacy. The main curtain is simple in form and the contrasting colored swagged valance adds formality held back with a decorative tassel. This curtain lifts the overall feeling of the kitchen and increases the level of formality to a simple traditional kitchen.

Dark and Different Kitchen Style

Traditional Kitchen Curtain Design

The curtains in this kitchen could pass as wall paper. Not really but they do take up a large space of the right hand wall. The choice of patterned fabric adds some texture and movement to the smart and sleek kitchen design. The fabric incorporates the same color combination, and uses a simple curtain heading with a rigid upholstered pelmet to the top continuing with the line and theme of high level cabinetry. The drapery adds a formal elegance to this kitchen and is balanced within the room by using the same fabric on the chairs.
Simple Swag

Simple swag drapery

This picture shows how a simple swag drapery can add pattern, color, texture and soften a kitchen design.

Sheers and Pencil Pleats

Sheers and pencil pleates

A traditional country kitchen, the design is enhanced by the use of sheers with a border and simple pencil pleats hung from a timber rod. Short curtains to the window sill are used as they sit above radiators. The curtain and fabric design blends into the kitchen and adds softness but they do not create a focal point, they are mostly functional in their purpose.

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