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Decorative Curtains

Styles of Decorative Curtains

There are many way to decorate a window, here are some the styles of decorative curtains and ideas on how and where to use them.


A tapered portion of fabric that is self or contrast lined. The lining is an important feature as it folds back when pleated. It is pleated and used as a frame on each side of a row of swags. The proportions of Jabots should be one half or two thirds the full length of the window.


These are fabric that forms a decorative element over a window, hanging from two fixed points either side of the top of the window, draping down through the center. There are numerous variations of this form of decoration.

Decorative curtains - Swag and Tail


These are the fabric that hangs down from the end of the swags.

Decorative Curtain Swags and Tails

Formal swag and tail – a variation of the tradional single swag is the double swag.


A stiff pelmet that often continues down both sides of the window frame. It evolves from 17th Century France and was based on the shape of a harness for horses. They were often used with Portieres.


A focal point for a curtain arrangement. It can be a finishing touch for curtain headings, tiebacks, swags and tails. There are numerous forms including rose, choux, bow, knife pleated.
Decorative curtain - Rosettes to decorate the swag and tail arrangement.


These are double sided Jabots used at the center of a swag or when dividing up swags in a bay/bow window situation.

Scarf Drapery

This is an uncut portion of fabric that is draped to form an ornamental drapery, often over a pole or rod.

Decorative Curtains - scarf drapery

Scarf Drapery 

Article on using decorative curtain rods – includes this interior above

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